A Mother's Testimonial

As a family, we used to play a lot of games, but as the children grew older we had trouble finding games that grew with us. At the same time, technology became more important to the kids, and they became more interested in playing games on their phones. When you gave us the prototype of Word Witt to play, we were all very excited to see this game that you had invented, and we all immediately loved it. LOVED it.

I feel as though the tide is turning, and people are once again looking for games that do not involve technology, and games that will bring families together again. The best thing about Word Witt is that it is so universal! Almost anyone can play, no matter their age. You can play with small children just learning words, or with college-aged kids that like a fast, challenging game.

We all like the challenge and the competitive aspect of Word Witt, and as a mom of older children, I really like that it is something we can do together, which educational without seeming so. It is SO much fun, and you can play for 10 minutes or for a full evening. And the best part? No one picks up or even glances at their phone.

The only thing wrong with Word Witt is that it’s not finished, and we want to play!!

Sara N.