Tackle Tricky Concepts like Spelling Vocabulary & Phonemic Awareness with Word Witt ~ At The Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy Inc.

In today’s world, parents have adjusted to at-home learning at some capacity. Whether you’re home-schooling full-time, part-time virtual learning, or supplementing what your kids are learning at school, there’s more of a need than ever for tools to make education at home, easy and fun. That’s where Word Witt comes in!

Word Witt is a card and dice game, for ages 7 and up, that helps reinforce things like flexible thinking, phonemic awareness, spelling, word recognition, and more. Whether you’re a spelling novice or a vocabulary wizard, Word Witt is fun and engaging at any skill level. It can be played alone or in a group of 4 or more. 

The game rules are simple. The player rolls the 3 vowel dice and flips over a consonant card then starts the 1-minute timer. During the 1 minute timer, the player writes down as many words as they can using the exact letters provided by the vowel dice and consonant card. There are two methods of scoring but once the timer is out, the player will add up their score. The first player to reach 100 points (or any agreed up number), wins! 

Word Witt was created locally, here in Southeast Michigan by a mom, Carrie Chapie, who needed something to encourage her first child to enjoy reading and the written word. Carrie is always willing and eager to find a solution when her children struggled with a concept. “I strive to teach them that it simply takes a different way of looking at the problem to find a fun way to engage, learn, and eventually fully master the concept," she said. 

Word Witt is versatile in its different ways to play along with the variety of concepts it enforces. It’s travel-friendly so you can take learning on the go. With its easy game-play, you’ll notice your child’s confidence in vocabulary grow and grow with each round. This makes for one of our new, favorite games! 

Learn more about Word Witt’s educational, social, and emotional specialties below:

EDUCATIONAL SPECIALTY: What educational aspects does this product help learn, reinforce or strengthen?
  • Flexible thinking: A child’s ability to think in a new way.
  • Phonemic awareness: A child’s ability to notice how letters represent sounds.
  • Spelling: A child’s ability to spell words correctly.
  • Word Recognition: A child’s ability to recognize written words correctly and effortlessly. 
  • Mental agility: A child’s ability to think on their feet while solving problems and being creative. 
SOCIAL + EMOTIONAL SPECIALTY: What social and emotional aspects does this product help learn, reinforce, or strengthen?
  • Self-esteem: A child’s favorable but realistic impression of themselves. 
  • Self-confidence: A child’s realistic confidence in their own judgment, ability, or power.
  • Following directions: The ability for a child to act on requests by others.
  • Listening: The child’s ability to listen.
  • Cooperation: A child’s ability to cooperate with others during playtime.
  • Concentration: A child’s ability to focus on the task or request at hand. 

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