As SEEN in Creative Child Magazine September 2021

Build your Brain with Word Witt: A game to bond and enjoy by all! And when we say ALL, we mean everyone: parents, grandparents, teachers, tutors, elementary, middle, high school, college students, and those of us that learn a different way! We ALL want to increase our mental ability and clarity by cross-training our brains; we lose it if we don't use it!



Word Witt wants you to make it your own game, with whatever flare you want to add to it! It depends on what atmosphere you want to achieve. Do you want Word Witt to be an educational, competitive, or social? Hey, want to play with friends and family from your bedroom? Why not set up a zoom time? Or do you just want to challenge yourself? The rules are quick and straightforward to understand; make it as easy or challenging as you want.



Here is how it's played; there are two types of scoring; pick one. Quick Scoring Method or High Stakes Scoring Method. One focuses on word making and the other focuses on points; beating the pants off your wordy friend. Now, roll the three vowel dice and flip over a constant card; start the 1-minute timer (optional). Each player has a paper and pen ready to fire up as many creative words using the vowels and constant card.



It's not surprising that Word Witt has won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, Play on Words PAL Award, and The Creative Childs 2021 Game of the Year Award, and endorsed by the University of Michigan Dyslexia Help Center. Word Witt dives further into Phonemic Awareness, the ability to identify, think about, and manipulate sounds in spoken speech. It is a critical skill that is a precursor to reading.



Word Witt includes additional exercises in the instructional packet to help parents, teachers, and tutors build their children's confidence and preserve their belief in themselves. Word Witt recognizes that when children and adults become frustrated with writing or reading, it doesn't mean they are lazy or not intelligent. Instead, it taps in to everyone’s "inner geniuses," and shows how learning can be FUN!  



So when you are looking for some bonding time with your kids or "kick their booty" time with your spirited buddies, build your brain at the same time with Word Witt!



Written by: Lisa Ferrari, Blogger & Freelance Writer.